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#TechTuesday: Why gaming has returned to its roots

Gaming is taking cues from past successes, as evidenced by the popularity of series such as Crash Bandicoot.

#TechTuesday: Google discards its Instant search feature

Google has removed the suggestion feature in favour of faster, more fluid searches on all platforms and devices.

#TechTuesday: Video game sports you can recreate at home

In this week's #TechTuesday, we take a look at video game sports you can totally pull off in the real world.

#TechTuesday: Apps to help you catch those Zs

#TechTuesday this week looks at those nifty applications which can help you regain control over your sleep cycle.

#TechTuesday: YouTube tricks you might not know about

#TechTuesday this week looks at awesome tricks you can use to make the YouTube experience simpler and better.

#TechTuesday: What can we expect by the year 2020?

Tech Tuesday this week delves into the bold and varied predictions many have for technology by the year 2020.

GamEvolution on #TechTuesday: Crash Bandicoot

This week on Tech Tuesday's GamEvolution, we compare the N. Sane Trilogy to the original Crash Bandicoot series.

#TechTuesday: Tech products which became obsolete in the 21st century

Tech rises and falls, as advancements in 21st century digital make older generations of products entirely obsolete.

Resident Evil 2 remake delayed to 2018: Tech Tuesday

Fans hoping for a high-definition remake of Resident Evil 2 in 2017 are surely disappointed about its 2018 deadline.

Fake news and how to spot it: Tech Tuesday

The scourge of fake news and misleading headlines has harmed the public's perception of media houses in general.