Residents disgruntled over Lennoxton litter

LENNOXTON – Once deemed the cleanest town in KwaZulu-Natal, one wonders what went wrong in town.

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Discarded bottles and household refuse pollute the area along Link Road in Lennoxton, resembling an illegal dumping site.

“The litter around this area is absolutely disgusting! It’s unhealthy, and just plain right filthy. How are we supposed to take a nice stroll through our neighbourhood if it stinks and looks like this? We honestly need to do something and the municipality needs to step in and take better precautions to prevent people from throwing their rubbish in our fields!” exclaimed a resident.

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Community Services Waste Manager, Doctor Thava Kelly said: “The municipality has put litter bins in key areas, and these bins are being abused by businesses. Our enforcement unit is monitoring areas prone to illegal dumping. We have identified hot spots and we have the intention of having cameras in those areas, especially in Fernwood, Nagtegaal, Finnermore street areas, where contractors and business are dumping their rubble and business waste to avoid paying for a service.”

It was residents’ responsibility to keep their town clean and residents needed to be more responsible in their actions, she said.

“We have ongoing clean-up campaigns, emphasising it is our environment and we should not litter. It was said many times before that littering is a behavioural problem. People will see a bin right next to them but will choose not to use it. The municipality has a weekly programme to clean the suburbs. Ideally, we would like to deploy staff to clean more often, but due to constraints, it is difficult,” she concluded.

To report litter problems in your area, contact the municipality on 034 328 7846.

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