WATCH: Dumisani’s shelter removed from Trim Park

Traffic Officer, Tyron Davis from Protection Services, checks if any of the destitute men are still in the shelter before it is removed.

TRIM PARK – Destitute, with virtually nothing to their names, the small group of homeless men living in Trim Park have now lost their last earthly belongings.

WATCH: Removal of destitute Dumisani (VIDEO)

Municipal officials tore down their makeshift shelter on Tuesday morning. They also removed all blankets, mattresses and litter from the park.

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Ward 4 councillor, Bertie Meiring said this was the first step in removing the men from the park.

“This is a public area and we cannot have them living here. While I am worried about what happens to them, I fear if they are not removed, their presence will attract others and shelters will soon be put up,” he said.

As municipal workers dedicated the bulk of their day to clearing the area, the men returned to the park shortly after sunset and left the following morning.

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A small campfire and leftover food was the only evidence they had returned.

Dumisani Landman Louw and his beloved pets have also since vanished. However, according to Cllr Meiring it was only a matter of time before the men set up camp again.

“We will need to look at setting up a forum, involving Non Governmental Organisations, social workers and the ward committee, to see if we can find a long term solution for these men. As long as they can get money in the area from begging, they will return,” he concluded.

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