SAFETY IS KEY: Avoid being a victim of hijacking

NEWCASTLE – Your safety is not guaranteed just because you’re in your driveway; many hijackings also take place while residents are entering their homes.

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  • Check your driveway or street before entering or leaving your home/ premises
  • Make sure your driveway is well lit and clear of shrubbery where perpetrators can hide
  • Beware of unknown pedestrians close to your house. Do not turn into your driveway immediately, pass and go back after a little while
  • When returning home after dark, make sure you have someone to meet you outside
  • If you can, have the outside light on
  • Switch off the vehicle if you have to open the gate yourself. If you have small children in the car, take the car keys with you and close the door before opening the gate. This will help you use the key as a negotiating tool, should you be approached by hijackers.
  • Never sit in your parked vehicle without ensuring the safety of your surroundings
  • It is dangerous to sleep in a stationary vehicle; be careful
  • Always inspect the inside and outside of a vehicle before entering
  • Drive with all doors locked and no visible valuables on the seats of your car
  • Always make a mental note of all police stations in the vicinity

We can’t stress this enough; always make sure you know your neighbours.

Zesuliwe Hadebe

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