Syrian Hilga Tatyosian touches hearts

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Reading last week’s Newcastle Advertiser, my heart was touched after reading about Hilga Tatyosian.

Virtually everyone knows how Syria was touched by the raging war, but how does it affect the people?

Here is a woman who saw the looming threat and refused to let her family become victims.

It must have been a tough decision to walk out on the only life you have ever known, coming to a new country and starting over again.

I take my hat off to Ms Tatyosian, as she is a true example of how mothers are willing to sacrifice almost everything for their children.

Not allowing self-pity or denial to blind her, she also shows the calibre of woman she is.

We can learn a lot from her, from her willingness to start from scratch for her children to her faith, she is someone to be admired.

Well done Hilga Tatyosian!



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