SPOOKY: Sculptures haunt cemetery

The eerily-placed bust, with its friends behind.

The Hardwick Street Cemetery is ground zero for odd occurrences.

In the past few years, rumours of eerie happenings have been substantiated by weird sightings, such as dismembered chicken carcasses and mystic orbs.

Last week, perhaps the strangest thing yet was spotted near the burial grounds.

An anonymous resident came forward with photographs, taken of a series of sculpture busts on a side road parallel to the cemetery.

“My husband and I went to work, and these busts caught our eye.”

One bust is at the fore, almost gazing into the distance.

A short way along the dirt track, three more busts, one of them headless, were placed upon the road, near a jumble of mannequin arms and legs.

“I saw the legs and decided to leave,” she added.

Although the purpose of the busts remains unclear, the resident believes the homeless under a nearby bridge might have played a role in the mystery.

She believed the busts were placed to ward off motorists from reaching their ‘sanctuary’.

In October last year, residents reported mutilated chicken carcasses upon gravestones, in the presence of candles and what appeared to be blood.

A small bag of pink powder was also abandoned there.

To date, the mystery of exactly what happened on that dark night, and why the slaughtering of fowl was necessary, remains yet another mystery in the legacy of the Hardwick Street Cemetery.


Bruce Douglas

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