Safe driving techniques in bad weather

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If you get caught on the road in bad weather conditions, it is important to follow these safe driving techniques:

1. Make sure your headlights are on – Be Visible, Be Seen!

h lights


2. Obey all road and traffic signs – Safety authorities post this information with good reason.



3. Be alert and drive defensively.

4. Be prepared for the road conditions to change over relatively short distances.

road conditions


5. Allow yourself enough time and space to react to a sudden emergency and move from harm’s way, or to come to a stop safely.
Increase your following distance – remain well behind the road user in front as stopping distances can be ten times greater than on dry roads.

travelling distance


6. Slow down. Braking takes longer on slippery roads — the slower you go, the easier it will be for you to maintain control and stop your vehicle.

slippery road






7. Don’t slow down so much that you become a risk to other drivers – rather move off the road surface than getting to a complete stall in areas of poor visibility.

no stopping

8. Be aware that in reduced visibility conditions, drivers tend to follow the tail lights of vehicles in front of them.

brake light







9. Use special caution near intersections. Never assume that because you have the green light or the right of way that the intersection will be clear — always scan ahead to spot potential hazards.

Green light

10. Avoid unnecessary lane changes – stay in one lane as much as possible.

lane changing







11. Keep two hands firmly on the wheel and two eyes on the road at all times.

steering wheel

Safety tips courtesy of Arrive Alive Road Safety Awareness.

Report bad driving and road conditions on 0861 400 800.



Tersia Gopi

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