Helping the homeless together

Imagine your mother, father, sister or grandfather being forced to live under a bridge.

Imagine if your loved ones had to endure the horrid conditions of living on the streets with nowhere to go.

Fighting off hypothermia and scrounging for food, Newcastle’s homeless face a bitterly bleak winter.

Recently, the plight of 15 destitute people was published on Newcastle Advertiser’s website, and their story has pulled at people’s heartstrings.

Hidden from view and living under the Hardwick Street Bridge, these men live a life that very few of us could imagine.

Community members requested on Facebook that something be done for these men. In response to the concerned residents’ requests, Newcastle Advertiser and Newcastle Sun have started a campaign to aid the men and ensure they did not have to endure the full brunt of winter.

A trolley will be placed at Pick n Pay, Scott Street Mall, another trolley will be placed outside Edgars at Newcastle Mall and a collection box will be placed at Checkers, Amajuba Mall. Two boxes will also be placed at the Newcastle Advertiser offices, 70 Paterson Street.

On Thursday evening, June 11, all donations will be collected to be handed on Friday to those dwelling under the bridge.

 “It is important for those of us who have, to help those who don’t have,” said Vincent Nkosi, Amajuba Mall Checkers store manager.

Beulah Rajkumar of Newcastle Mall also thought it was important for the community to reach out to those in need. “I think some people have more to help those who have less. It is what humanity is all about,” she said.

Northern Natal Motorsport will join in on the mission to assist the destitute.

Speaking on behalf of the organisation, Faizel Cassim said he and his wife, Razia, felt it was imperative to aid others.

“I believe it is human nature to help others. Some people are blessed and some aren’t. God gives to us so that we can help others,” said Faizel.

The Newcastle community is encouraged to support the initiative and be the change they would like to see in the world.

Donations which would benefit the men include food, warm clothes, warm shoes and blankets.

Quinton Boucher

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