PREVIEW: Resident urges Newcastillians to be wary of strangers


A resident, opting to remain anonymous, has urged fellow residents to be extra vigilant when allowing strangers into their homes.

The resident claimed a local service provider had been to her house to fix a faulty wire

She then noticed some of her belongings were missing after he had left.

“We have a wireless keyboard and mouse attached to our laptop. The wireless connector was missing after the man had been in my house. I assume he thought the connector was a USB stick when he took it.”

She claimed the wireless connector was always plugged into her laptop, and was only missing after the man had been in her home, therefore she knew it was stolen.

Eager to have her belongings returned, the resident went to the man’s place of employment to report the incident to management.

However, she claimed the manager denied the allegations.


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Zianne Leibrandt

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