#TechTuesday: Google discards its Instant search feature

Google has bid Instant farewell after seven years.

Instead, it is now working on web browsing improvements across the board.

Desktop Googlers know all about the Instant search feature.

Typing even a single letter into the search bar had Google automatically draw possible results.

Possible searches were based on other users and indexed web pages.

That novelty is now a thing of the past.

Back in 2010, Instant changed the way users approached Internet searches.

Today the landscape has changed significantly.

With an approximate 50 per cent of Google searches now on mobile devices, Instant did not port well to this medium.

That led the decision to do away with the function.

Google representatives elaborated in a statement to website Search Engine Land.

Mentioned were interaction, screen constraints and input, all of which affect the Instant experience.

The representative said removing Instant meant focusing instead on Search.

This was equated to faster and more fluid searches on all devices.


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