WATCH: St Martin’s Village sprouts new venture

Mandla Mtshali and Pastor Thomas Beneke from the Evangelical Lutheran Church with Quinton Boucher from Newcastle Sun.

St Martin’s Village is a loving haven for children who once faced an uncertain future.

As an initiative of the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, the church has worked tirelessly to ensure St Martin’s Village became a self sufficient entity.

One important project was the establishment of a vegetable garden.

Newcastle Advertiser took on the task of supporting the home for the duration of 2017, and donated funds for the enclosure of St Martin’s greenhouse on March 26.

“As part of a team building initiative, Southey Attorneys assisted in our garden on Friday, September 1, and also helped in putting the plastic sheeting on the greenhouse,” said Pastor Thomas Beneke.

He said he had high expectations for the garden, now that it was enclosed.

“We will be using some of the vegetables for the home, as well as sharing it with other non governmental organisations.”

Pastor Beneke also stated that a certain amount of the produce would be sold to generate an additional income for the home.

“If anyone has grass or leaf clippings to donate, we would appreciate it. We could use this for compost for the garden.”

Pastor Beneke thanked Newcastle Advertiser and the community for the support, and is looking forward to seeing the home reach new heights.

Quinton Boucher

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