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Naritha Naidu will launch her book at Dannhauser Secondary School on September 15.

On September 15 at 11am, Naritha Naidu will be returning to her roots to launch her book, Bitter Sweet Destiny, at Dannhauser Secondary School.

“I served as the head prefect in 1996, and it is with humbleness and gratitude that I return to the school to launch my book.”

She is relaunching the book, which was initially launched in Emalahleni in 2012.

She explained the reason she decided to launch her book at the school, was to motivate the learners, staff and parents to keep striving towards greater heights and use education as a tool to obtain their dreams.

“I was inspired to write Bitter Sweet Destiny for various reasons. An important one was to empower people who were facing poverty, to never allow hunger and the challenges they faced in daily life to ever hold them back from improving their lives.”

Naidu said she felt motivated to encourage others due to her personal experience in coming from a disadvantaged background.

“I came from an extremely poor family and my dad passed away when I was very young. My family lost almost everything we owned, including the roof over our heads.” Her mother faced the challenge of raising six children by herself, but she rose despite adversity and ensured they all received an education.

“I wrote Bitter Sweet Destiny in honour of my mother and to motivate single mothers to strive and support their children in their quest for an education. It is only education that can free a person from the chains of poverty.”

It was through education that Naidu developed a passion for reading, which in turn inspired her to write her autobiography.

“This is my story of pain, humiliation and lack of self worth, which were the bitter days of poverty.”

Naidu described her mother as ‘Superwoman’, as she educated her children despite the overwhelming odds.

It was was because of her mother, that she and her siblings srove to succeed.

“The childhood I lost through poverty is something I will ensure I would never allow my children to lose.”

Therefore, she encouraged both her sons to excel academically, which they had done. She also encouraged her sons to contribute to their relevant communities, as she explained she knew what it was like to be in need.

The community is invited to support Naidu on the day of the book launch, and to learn more about her and her challenges.

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