MUST READ: A glimmer of hope for Morester Children’s Home

Morester Children's Home must relocate by November, yet hope remains.

Morester Children’s Home is more than a place of safety for children.

It is a home where children who have faced hardships can find refuge, finish their school education, and pursue their dreams.

In August, the children’s home was notified it would need to move from its current premises, as Newcastle High School required the property for its learners.

As the home had suffered financial difficulties for some time, the news caused a great deal of distress for the management team.

However, there is a glimmer of hope for the home.

Christian Social Service social worker manager, Grè Erasmus explained the community had rallied together in support of the home’s plight.

“The reaction has been so supportive and helpful we have hope and courage that we can continue to create a home, and a future for the children placed in our care, for many years to come,” said Erasmus.

She said the home now had a variety of options from which to choose, and plans were now underway to secure a new premises.

In fact, the home was so confident it could continue, it had increased the number of children in its care to 45.

Morester Children’s Home thanked the community for its support and the donations received.

“We are supported by individuals, church groups and organisations who are helping us find new premises, and who are donating food, groceries, clothes and toiletries to the home.”

Despite leaving Newcastle High School’s premises, Erasmus said the children’s home was indebted to the school nonetheless.

“We want to thank Newcastle High School, for many years of accommodation and support and their constant concern for us,” Erasmus said.

The home also received assistance from various private sponsors.

“We say thank you to all other sponsors who helped us in different ways. We are so grateful to the individuals and families that either support us financially, or with donations and food. It is greatly appreciated, and every single contribution helps a lot.”

Erasmus invited the community to visit the home or to make contact telephonically.

For more information on how to assist Morester Children’s Home, contact Grè Erasmus on 083 269 9056 or 034 312 3473.

Quinton Boucher

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