#WackyWednesday: Tantalise your taste buds with these unique foods

Haggis is a traditional Scottish meal which is made from sheep innards.

South Africa is a country rich in cultural diversity, allowing its resident to indulge in a variety of traditional meals.

While almost every household has at least one traditional meal that leaves them salivating for more, there are foods which leaves one questioning the eating habits of others. Here are five of the strangest meals from around the globe.

1. Haggis, Scotland

Haggis is a sheep’s heart, liver and lungs minced and mixed with onions, oatmeal, suet and seasoned with salt and spices cooked inside the animal’s stomach.

While some might turn their noses up to this, it is rather tantalising.

2. Tuna eyeballs, Japan

As inedible as it might look, tuna eyeballs apparently taste rather similar to squid or octopus. However, one might not like the idea of looking their supper in the eye.

3. Century Egg or 100 Year Old Egg, China

While this rather unusual delicacy is not really 100 years old when served, it is still one of the most unusual foods to serve to guests.

The egg is preserved in a mixture of clay, ash and quicklime for a few months, until the yolk turns a dark green or even black, while the white turns to a dark brown translucent jelly. It allegedly smells like sulfur and ammonia, but tastes like a hard boiled egg.

This is one meal I may have to pass on!

4. Fried spider, Cambodia

Fried spider is apparently a regional delicacy popular in Skuon, a town in Cambodia.

It is prepared by marinating it in sugar and salt, before frying in garlic. While it consists of a certain amount of meat, it does have its fair share of brown sludge in the abdomen, which consists of mainly innards, eggs and excrement.

Suddenly, the tuna eyeballs doesn’t look too bad.

5. Balut, Phillipines

This is yet another traditional meal which people with a squeamish stomach might want to skip.

Balut is a developing duck embryo which is boiled alive in its shell.

Quinton Boucher

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