#TechTuesday: Video game sports you can recreate at home

If you're serious about video game sports, take a read of this.

Before we begin, herewith a disclaimer.

This #TechTuesday article is meant to be satirical, and not for the serious of disposition.

If you take things way too seriously or don’t understand satire, you’ve been warned.

Now, to the meat of the matter.

Video games come in two broad kinds: realistic or utterly unrealistic.

Consider series such as Battlefield compared to say Crash Bandicoot.

It would be difficult to emulate the orange marsupial without effects or specialised equipment.

Even so, there are some in-game sports you can totally recreate in real life.

Here is our pick of the best options:



Also known as muggle quidditch, this sport is inspired by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

If you don’t have a flying broomstick, it’s the best you’re going to get.

The objective of the sport is simple: score the most points before the ‘snitch’ is caught.

There are chasers who score points, keepers who defend and beaters who strike bludgers at opposing players.

In this instance, the snitch is a tennis ball in a sock attached to a neutral official.

The sport even has an International Quidditch Association to govern its rules.


Kart racing

You can choose in this instance – go full Crash Team Racing or perhaps Mario Kart.

Either way, you’ll need a speedy track machine, some opponents and cratefuls of weapons.

Then head out to Rainbow Road (or the closest equivalent) and race to the line!

For added realism, find objects to throw at the person behind you or drop them an oil slick.




We’re not talking about sports entertainment or real-life wrestling here.

This is more of the elbow-drop-your-sibling-until-they-cry kind.

Lay down some cushions, line up some chairs and let the suplexing begin.

Just be careful not to break any windows or furniture attempting that big RKO.


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Bruce Douglas

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