LETTER: Adoption is better than buying

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Madam – It upsets me when I see people selling animals over social media, treating their dogs like breeding machines.

I believe that with shelters such as the SPCA should be supported more than those people trying to make a profit out of their pets.

I recently adopted a dog from the SPCA and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. While my dog is far from being a thoroughbred or a formidable guard dog, it is one of the most loving animals I have ever come into contact with.

The reason for this, I think, is rather simple. The majority of these animals have been abandoned, neglected or abused and are in desperate need of a second chance in life. There are also those dogs which have been handed over simply because their humans could not afford them anymore or were ignorant about the attention dogs needed.

My dog was an abuse victim, the scars on his body tell a tale of a hard life. Yet, he shows no form of anger and his tail constantly wags. The excitement in his eyes when I get home from work, not only makes my day better, but the knowledge that I made a difference in another being’s life is indescribable.

The compassion of animals is undeniable, especially when that dog or cat has faced an unloving past and is suddenly surrounded by care and a family who dotes on them. Mark Twain once said the average dog is a better person than the average person, a statement I fully agree with when I look at my dog’s attitude towards myself and my family.

To all those wishing to get a dog or a cat, support the SPCA and adopt a pet. Their gratitude and love will continue for the remainder of their days, as they dote and protect your family in return.

Adoption is best

Quinton Boucher

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