SPORT: Volleyballers keep the ball airborne

The team: Kanthi Govender, Roxanne Moodley, Nisha Singh, Michelle Mangroo, Shamini Mohan, Lalitha Rampersadh, Shika Supershad, Keshni Mewa, Reshina Buduram, Sumai Mooidheen and Sheriza Singh.

It’s easy to live a sedentary lifestyle in the digital age.

For one group of active mothers however, a love of volleyball has taken them off the couch and onto courts countrywide.

It all began about one year ago.

Captain of the Newcastle Volleyball team, Shika Supershad explained the team began as a group of mothers who didn’t get out much.

They joined to form a team more akin to a social club.

In the time since, the 12 or so women competed in a tournament in Ladysmith last year, and at the Masters Volleyball Tournament at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in July.

There, the team held its own against 11 senior women’s teams.

“We want to win the Masters tournament next year; that’s our short-term goal,” team members explained.

Supershad boasts the most experience of team members, having started out with local volleyball leagues as far back as 1992.

When the league died off, interest in the sport quelled.

The volleyball women are now keen to revive the sport in Newcastle, and invited women and youths in particular to join up.

“Having fun is the most important. It’s all about socialising.”

Supershad said the volleyball team practised on Mondays and Thursdays from 6pm at the Paradise Grounds, which included warm-up sessions and friendly matches between members.

For details, contact Supershad (082 444 4377) or Shamini Mohan (084 928 2447).

Bruce Douglas

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