#TechTuesday: YouTube tricks you might not know about

Here are some tricks to help you get the most out of your YouTubing.

You’ve probably heard of this thing called YouTube.

The video sharing website stands as one of the most popular sites in the world.

Maybe you’re into cat fails or gaming let’s-players, or perhaps bingeing on music videos.

Whichever way, here are some tricks to enhance your YouTube experience.


Avoid suggested videos

YouTube’s latest algorithms mean your home page will likely be full of suggested content.

If this annoys you, there’s a way around this change.

Open an Internet tab and type in youtube.com/feed/subscriptions.

This will show you the latest videos and suggestions based on your subscriptions alone.


Use your keyboard

Sometimes it’s great to sit back and just let the music flow.

If you’re feeling particularly lazy, use keyboard commands when watching a video.

J skips the video back 10 seconds, L skips forward 10 seconds.

K pauses a video while M mutes its sound.


Start a video at a specific time

Picture this – you’ve watched a video and one scene in particular made you laugh out loud.

Now you want to send the same video to your friend.

There are two ways to send the link, and have the video start at a specified point.

First is to right click on the video itself, then select ‘copy video URL at current time’.

The second is to add #t= plus the selected time to the video URL.

For example, if you want a video to start one minute, ten seconds in, add #t=70s to its URL.


Send someone a video, starting at the exact moment that cat sneezes.


There are plenty of other awesome YouTube hacks out there, so get exploring.

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