COMMUNITY: Just Chilling and Sharing Thoughts (Jcast) holds masked party

Demishka Maharaj, Sonam Rooplall and Nikole Naidoo.

A jubilant atmosphere filled the Nofta Hall on Saturday night, when Just Chilling and Sharing Thoughts (Jcast), held a masquerade party.

Jcast is a Facebook group where members share positive quotes and pictures, to inspire each other.

“We try to instil respect, good manners, kindness, good morals, love and integrity. Basically, we are trying to bring back humanity,” explained Jcast founder, Reshma Maharaj.

The purpose of the maquerade party was for members to enjoy an evening of socialising away from social media and to get know each other on a more personal level.

With guests taking the opportunity to dress up, it was truly a night of fun and positive energy.

Quinton Boucher

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