#TechTuesday: What can we expect by the year 2020?

If technology continues its course, 3D organs could save lives in future.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

In terms of technological advancement, this quote from Jean-Baptiste Karr accurately reflects the nature of humans to stick with what they know, while pushing the boundaries.

After all, we still have basic keyboards this far into the 21st century.

Yet with frequent advancements in the fields of science, technology and medicine, there’s still a lot to look forward to.

Here are some bold Tech Tuesday predictions for what 2020 will bring:


Printable organs

On its list of predictions for 2020, www.weforum.org lists printable organs.

Quoting CEO of Organovo, Keith Murphy, the website says humans have already reached a turning point in ‘bioprinting’ organ tissue.

This is said to have paved the way for printing human organs for transplanting.

It’s expected this will reduce reliance on donors and also limit illegal trade in black market organs.


Railway to link Asia and Europe

It’s been called the Iron Silk Road and has been in planning for almost 70 years.

But in the year 2020, it’s been predicted the Trans-Asian Railway (TAR) will finally be a reality, connecting 17 countries by train.

According to www.popsci.com, the TAR will link China with countries as far as London.

China will reportedly build infrastructure in exchange for many rights to natural resources.


Algorithms for efficiency

Business algorithms are the way forward, according to www.computerworld.com.

It claims businesses will use algorithms to “positively alter the behaviour of… global workers.”

These systems may work like a virtual assistant.

Systems are predicted to guide employees in decision-making processes, using behavioural and psychological knowledge.


Television in holographic definition

From the origins of the box, television technology has made significant leaps.

Humans went from black and white to colour, improving sound, scope and eventually pausing, recording and rewinding television.

What’s the next step, you ask?

According to futuretimeline.net, the next big breakthrough is mass-producing holographic television displays.

It states advances in technology have finally opened the proverbial door for images we’ve dreamed of since the days of Star Wars.

What other predictions would you make for the year 2020? Let us know and help Tech Tuesday paint an image of the future.

Bruce Douglas

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