LETTER: When negative people suck the joy out of life


Over the past few days, I have been astonished at just how negative people are.

It seems that these people find no greater joy than to complain and dampen everyone’s moods. I am sure everyone has met someone like this, you know, the man who complains about his neighbours, the way others drive, walk, dress and everything in-between.

These people simply suck the joy out of anything, simply because they are bitter individuals who despise seeing anyone else smile.

These sad saps are also normally the individuals who will complain about the way businesses go about their work, ensuring that the staff are glum, simply because these people cannot retaliate and fight back.

I don’t know why there are so many miserable people, but I can only imagine how lonely they are.

For all those pessimists out there, try looking at the bright side of things for a change. Stop complaining and appreciate what you have. Stop focusing on a person’s flaws. Instead of complaining about how a certain business runs, try and understand why they work like that. Instead of moaning, remember there are those who are in worse situations than you.

If you have an issue with your neighbour, either ignore them or resolve the matter like an adult.


Tired of whingers

Newcastle Advertiser

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