Women’s Month: Pillars of society are women (PICS)

Beena Reddi, Sharitha Surjoo and Preetha Baijoo.

Celebrating Women’s Month, the Hindu Women’s Forum dedicated Saturday to the difference women made within the community.

Themed Pillars of Society, the event was focused not only on the impact women made within society, but also how much they had sacrificed during the course of their lives for the betterment of others.

“This was a way to honour women, remembering those who died through violence and having women of all walks of life together,” explained Anitha Lallie of the Hindu Women’s Forum.

Motivational talks encouraged guests to pursue their dreams and were reminded of the importance women played in society in general and to their families.

Guests were also given beauty tips.

“While we focused on women, we also used the event as a fundraiser for an initiative to aid the street youth, who have nowhere to go,” said Lallie.

A plan to create a shelter for this youth was currently in the pipeline, with the Hindu Women’s Forum and the Hindu Forum working together on the project.

With these incentive talks and the opportunity to interact with other women, guests had enjoyed the leisurely Saturday.

Quinton Boucher

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