ARRESTED: Unlicensed alcohol dealer caught red-handed

Warrant Officer Rajesh Rajlal and Captain Jerry Lutchman with the confiscated alcohol.

Shady dealings and the selling of unlicensed alcohol are reminiscent of old movies.

Yet, a man was caught attempting to sell 36 bottles of unlicensed vodka in Paradise on Friday, July 28.

“I received information of an individual who was supplying liquor to certain outlets, and after following the matter up, I found out there was going to be a transaction done that Friday,” said Captain Jerry Lutchmam of the Firearms, Liquor And Second Hand Goods (FLASH) unit.

An operation to catch the suspect in action was planned.

Captain Lutchman, along with Warrant Officer Rajesh Rajlal and Warrant Matthew Rose, went to the rendezvous where the suspect was caught with his prospective customer.

“The suspect paid an admission of guilt fine for dealing in unlicensed alcohol and further investigations will be conducted,” said Captain Lutchman.

The alcohol would also be sent to forensics to determine whether or not it had been tampered with or had been manufactured illegally.

As the designated liquor officer in town, Captain Lutchman encouraged Newcastillians to practice caution when purchasing alcoholic products.

“Inspect the bottles carefully to ensure it hasn’t been tampered with, as it could be life threatening,” he concluded.

Quinton Boucher

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