Racing Pigeon Club off to a flyer

Racing pigeon fanciers are living on a wing and a prayer.

For pigeon enthusiasts, the season has already taken flight.

Fanciers of the Newcastle Racing Pigeon Club have battled it out in numerous races this season, with newcomers, Dawid van Rooyen, Dave McMillan and Mike Villiers impressing.

Club chairman, Kiewiet Oosthuizen congratulated these new members.

“We hope that flying with us gives you great pleasure and you will also experience the great spirit among fanciers.”

New and established fanciers are invited to visit club flying events at 32 Hibiscus Street, on Thursdays from 6pm.

For details, contact Oosthuizen on 071 907 4316.

Race results for the season thus far, are as follows:

At the event Senekal 1, Oosthuizen secured first and second place in the Young Bird Race, ahead of van Rooyen.

Oosthuizen also claimed first in the Old Bird Race.

Van Rooyen took second place in this stage, fending off seasoned veteran Koos Ferreira in a race to the finish.

At Senekal 2, these three men were again top of the pile.

In the Young Bird Race, Oosthuizen took first and third ahead of van Rooyen, but had to settle for second in the Old Bird Race.

Van Rooyen was the winner this time around.

In Winburg 1’s Young Bird Race, Oosthuizen sped to victory ahead of van Rooyen and the formidable pairing of McMillan and Villiers.

McMillan and Villiers would gain an upset win in the Old Bird Race.

Their success was followed closely by Renier van Niekerk, who claimed both second and third in the same race.

Next on the calendar was Winburg 2.

McMillan and Villiers swept the board that time around with the top three positions in the Young Bird Race, a feat emulated by van Rooyen in the Old Bird Race.

However, it was back to Oosthuizen in Bloemfontein 1.

He took first place in both the Young and Old Bird Race, while van Rooyen had to settle for second in these events.

The race was then followed by Bloemfontein 2.

McMillan and Villiers recorded a narrow victory in the Young Bird Race, just shutting out Koos Ferreira and Oosthuizen.

The Old Bird Race was another win for van Rooyen.

He edged out McMillan and Villiers to claim victory, while Koos Ferreira was relegated to third place overall.

The most recent races were Trompsburg 1 and 2.

Oosthuizen made an almost clean sweep of things, clinching first and third in the Young Bird Race and both first and second in the Old Bird Race.

The second event turned things around yet again.

McMillan and Villiers took the first two spots in the Young Bird Race, ahead of Oosthuizen in third place.

Van Rooyen claimed the top three spots in the Old Bird Race.

Bruce Douglas

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