WATCH: Children at the Chinese School embrace their culture

Christina Zhang and Eileen Hsu are two of the Chinese children who learned more about their cultural heritage.

Culture plays an influential part in one’s life. Not only does it offer you a sense of belonging, but it allows you to see the world in a unique way.

On Monday, July 17, children at the school were able to learn more about their cultural background through the guidance of Chiu-Feng Lin, a teacher from China.

Feng spent a week with the children at the Chinese School, where she taught them traditional dance routines.

The week-long session formed part of the School’s curriculum, where teachers from China and Taiwan travelled to Newcastle in order to assist the youth keep their traditional culture alive.

“Each year, the teachers bring new elements to the school and teach the children different aspects of their culture,” explained Chamber of Commerce chairperson, Alex Liu.

Liu said as the community formed a part of the local community, their cultural heritage added to South Africa’s many cultures and allowed the youth to appreciate their own cultures even more, while learning about other people’s cultures.

The week-long programme came to an end on Saturday, July 22, when the children put on a lively recital in front of their parents.


Quinton Boucher

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