Bowling club elects its leaders

Alice and Ron Howe were among big winners at the Newcastle Bowling Club's recent prize giving.

Newcastle Bowling Club hosted its annual prize giving last weekend, with an appreciative number of members in attendance.

Prize winners for 2016/2017 are:

Women’s Fours

Winners: Samantha Shaw, Aimee Schnetler, Edith Pretorius.

Runners-up: Joan Schoon, Eleen Roux, Leonie Cilliers and Esther Willemse.

Men’s Fours

Winners: Koen Pretorius, Fritz Botha, Marius Bouwer Junior and Andy Robinson.

Runners-up: Billy Nicholas, Erich Holm, Graham Massey and Adrian van der Merwe.

Women’s Drawn Trips

Winners: Joan Schoon, Marie Botha and Esther Willemse.

Runners-up: Alice Howe, Eleen Roux and Leonie Cilliers.

Men’s Drawn Trips

Winners: Stephen Shaw, Colin Brodrick and Graham Robinson.

Runners-up: Ernie Phillips, Marius Bouwer Senior and Aspen Shaw.

Women’s Drawn Pairs

Winners: Marie Botha and Aimee Schnetler.

Runners-up: Alice Howe and Lindsay McArthur.

Men’s Drawn Pairs

Winners: Ron Howe and Simon Ball.

Runners-up: Fritz Botha and Michael McArthur.

Women’s Singles

Winner: Alice Howe.

Runner-up: Michelle Steele.

Men’s Singles

Winner: Sid Price.

Runner-up: Trevor Smale.

Novice Men’s Singles

Winner: Andre Magor.

Runner-up: Ethan Magor.

Mixed Pairs

Winners: Alice and Ron Howe.

Runners-up: Trevor and Sue Hutchinson.

Most improved female player of the year: Tara Hartman.

Most improved male player of the year: Lukas Niemand.

Stirrer of the year: Japie Dantuma.

The club also held its AGM last weekend, with the new committee for the coming bowling year elected as follows:

President – Koen Pretorius

Vice President – Monty Steele

Treasurer – Gerald Boyd

Secretary – Michelle Steele

Competition Secretaries – Lukas Niemand and Edith Pretorius

Greenkeeper – Sid Price

General committee members – Samantha Shaw, Douglas Steele, Lindsay McArthur, Colin Brodrick, Graham Robinson, Michelle Boyd, Mart Browning and Trevor Moore.

The outgoing President, Monty Steele thanked his committee for its sterling work during the year, and also congratulated all bowlers who had brought honour to the club during the past bowling year.

He singled out multiple Singles champions, Sid Price and Alice Howe, and the women who were silver medallists at the B Inter Provincials: Alice Howe, Sue Hutchinson and Samantha Shaw.

In turn, Monty was also given credit for his reign of six years in the chair.

Club competitions get underway soon and members are reminded to keep an eye on the notice board.

Annual subscription fees are also now due.

Bruce Douglas

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