Mercy mercy Me: I thank God for a second chance

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Madam – After a scare in October when my father in law had collapsed at home and my wife and I decided to save the number of the Mercy Me ambulance contact details on our cell phones.

On 2017/06/12 at 11 pm I woke up with severe chest pains and other symptoms of a heart attack. My wife immediately made a call to the number of the Mercy Me Ambulance on her cell


My first thanks to Mercy Me Ambulance staff.

They arrived at my home within 7 minutes of call been made to them. The staff quickly accessed the situation and took me to the Newcastle MediClinic.

My second thanks to the casualty staff at Newcastle MediClinic who did their utmost to stabilise make me as comfortable as possible whilst waiting for the 911 Net Care Life Support Ambulance from Pietermaritzburg.

Most importantly I thank God for a second chance.

Readers, please save an ambulance or emergency numbers on your cell phone – You never know when you may need it.

Alec Manthe

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