Plan the perfect treasure hunt in ten easy steps

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School holidays offer children the opportunity to break away from routine and unwind.

Despite the time off school, it isn’t long before boredom kicks in and the dreaded phrase, “I’m bored” comes up.

To keep your children entertained this holidays, you can plan a treasure hunt which is sure to keep them occupied.

Here are six easy steps to plan the perfect hunt.

1. Choose a theme

See what your child likes, for example if your son likes pirates, try and base the hunt on a pirate theme. Choosing a theme in which your child shows an interest is bound to be enjoyed more.

2. Location

You can either choose to have the treasure hunt at a park or at home, where you can use the front and back yards.

3. Pick the treasure

Pick something your child will like, for example a movie, a book, a toy or sweets. If there is more than one child involved in the hunt, make sure you choose a treasure which they can share.

4. Leave clues

Using the space you have chosen, determine which will be the best places to hide the clues and how many clues you will leave. Hiding places for the clues can either behind trees, under pot plants or under your child’s pillow. Be creative with the clues, so when you hand the first clue over to your child, they will sure to be able to find it amusing and exciting.

5. Appropriate clues

Now that you have decided on where to hide the clues and how many there will be, ensure the hints will be understood by your child and others who might be joining in on the fun. For younger children, make them look for specific colours or objects.

6. Add obstacles where possible

Whether it is a slippery slide, a jumping castle or if your child has to carry an egg on a spoon for 10 steps, the added challenges are sure to add to the fun.

Quinton Boucher

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