Dewald Botha races away from his stress

Dewald Botha stands by his two-litre Golf, ready for action.

The sound of roaring engines and screeching tyres at the Oval Track marks another monthly racing event; a night when racing enthusiasts cheer for their favourites.

For the racers on the track, however, the roar of their car’s engines signals an exhilaration which fuels their desire to enter race after race.

Dewald Botha began racing in 2013, when he joined the Rookie Division. “I always enjoyed watching the races and I thought it would be fun to maybe give it a try and see what it felt like,” said Botha.

His chance came when a friend of his planned to sell his Toyota Corolla.

“I bought the car and then started racing, enjoying it so much that I now compete with my two-litre Golf.”

Over the past four years, Botha has raced not only in Newcastle, but also atVolksrust and even at Loskop during the South African Championships last year.

“I unfortunately didn’t finish my race in the SA Championships, but I am going again next year and I am aiming to get a good position.”

One of the things Botha enjoyed most about the Oval Track world was the adrenaline rush that went hand-in-hand with the racing circuit.

Other than the adrenaline rush, he said it was a sport he would encourage others to take up, as it taught useful life skills.

“I have learned a lot about car engines and how to work on them. But I would say that racing is the best way to deal with stress, as you focus so much on what is happening on the track, that you leave everything else behind.”

If anyone would like to compete in the racing events at the Oval Track, contact Boet Buys on 083 467 6660 or Johann de Jager on 084 300 0971.

Quinton Boucher

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