Sinkhole: Aftermath of torrential rains in St Thomas Street, Lennoxton

Due to floods in February, a sinkhole in St Thomas Street formed and although municipal workers were seen in May attempting to fix it, it still remains incomplete.

The aftermath of torrential rains experienced almost six months ago, is still evident today.

A giant Sinkhole in St Thomas Street, Lennoxton formed after floods in February.

The Newcastle Municipality undertook to fix the Sinkhole via its technical services department in May.

“After many months of waiting for the Sinkhole to be repaired, I saw workers on site,” said a resident.

While municipal officials were seen excavating land around the sinkhole in attempts to repair it, it is reported the sinkhole caused more damage then expected.

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Approximately double the size of the sinkhole, a vast amount of land was removed to replace damaged water pipes.

Two months later, parts of the sinkhole still remain uncovered and the site is incomplete.

Residents of St Thomas Street claimed that although the incomplete area was demarcated with barricades, it was extremely dangerous for pedestrians, especially at night.

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In addition, the sinkhole is situated near a play park, which potentially posed a hazard to children who frequent the area.

“Two weeks into the school holidays, children have already come to the park. They can get seriously injured because they play near the sinkhole,” concluded the concerned resident.

Despite numerous requests for comment, the municipality has yet to acknowledge emails from the Newcastle Advertiser.

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