#WackyWednesday: Unusual home remedies for the winter months

Suspect you are getting the flu or a cold? Be sure to try one of these home remedies.

The common cold and flu are no strangers to the winter season.

Each family has at least one person who staunchly believes in home remedies. While some are sure to work, there are those that make one question whether or not it would be easier to rather go to the doctor instead.

Here are five of the strangest home remedies for this winter.

1. Lizard soup

While many know how well chicken soup works, there is an alternative, although it might not go down with many.

According to a Hong Kong custom, lizard soup works just as well. The recipe is rather simple, as it only requires dried lizards, yams, and Chinese dates simmered in water.

2. Dirty socks and chicken fat

This might be a bit extreme in combating the common cold. But apparently, greasing your throat with chicken fat and then placing a dirty sock around it will restore you to health.

It is uncertain how this remedy came into being, but it is speculated it may have started in old England. While it might not heal you, it will definitely keep people away from you, which will in turn stop the germ spreading.

3. Frog skin with juice

Fairy tales speak of magical spells which see frogs turning into princes. One home remedy claims frogs can also make the flu disappear.

According to an old wives tale, adding dried frog skin to juice will combat flu.

However, it is most likely the vitamins in the fruit juice which actually assist in combating the flu and cold germs.

4. Chocolate soothes all

Gargling salt water is often the first option when it comes to a sore throat, but one home remedy suggests chocolate.

Theobromine is a compound found in chocolate which can suppress the nerve reactions that prompt us to cough.

According to this home remedy, only the darkest chocolate works. This means it is okay to curl up and drink hot chocolate ,or eat a slab of dark chocolate without feeling guilty.

5. A garland of onions

While some might consider it a bit unusual to walk around wearing a necklace of onions, it is said onions help absorb the germs from your body.

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