WELL DONE: Leaving a Legacy has raised over R10 000 in aid of St Martin’s Village

Ruan Maakal, Aidan Pieterse and Jozaan Schutze are stepping up to the charity plate.

With a month to go, team Leaving a Legacy has raised over R10 000.

In the final four weeks before the Blood Buddy Memel to Newcastle Event, the team is stepping up the pace to reach physical and fundraising goals, in aid of St Martin’s Village.

Among these passionate members are three Ferrum High learners.

Aidan Pieterse, son of founding member, Susan Pitout, has been joined by fellow Grade 10 learner, Ruan Maakal and eager Grade 9 learner, Jozaan Schutze.

Leaving a Legacy up to speed

Together, these three are a force to be reckoned with.

Jozaan joined Leaving a Legacy at the beginning of July, and is intent on going the full 50 kilometres and achieving her individual target of between R1 000 and R2 000.

“I joined because babies are abandoned and it hurts to see. Not everyone has parents and I want to show there are people who care.”

Comparatively, Ruan has spent far more time with the team, and is steadily closing in on his individual target of R5 000.

His current total is in the region of R3 000.

Ruan explained every cent raised helped abandoned children reach a better future, children who were simply victims of ‘life happens’.

“Our funds are helping those who help the children.”

Together, Ruan and Aidan have raised more than two thirds of the team total, doggedly shaking down friends, family, teachers and businesspeople for donations.

Aidan’s individual total is just below R4 000.

“Since the article, I’ve had a few others who accepted the challenge. They have agreed to look for sponsors on our behalf.”

Susan said it was wonderful to have the learners on board for the project.

She added training was going well and expressed confidence Aidan, Ruan and Jozaan would go the literal extra mile for St Martin’s Village.

“They are putting in a lot of effort and have sacrificed much of their time. It’s a pleasure to have them on the team; I consider them all my children.”

Providing a broader view of the initiative, Susan said an abandoned three-week-old baby was currently being housed at St Martin’s Village.

This has reaffirmed her commitment to Leaving a Legacy.

“With little the home is a success, so with more it can achieve truly great things.”

Susan thanked all sponsors from the local community, and stated success was measured only by what one did for others.

Donations can be made with the following details:

Account name: St. Martins Village NPC

Account number: 409 155 1975

Account type: cheque

Branch number: 632 005 (ABSA Enterprise)

Reference: St Martin’s

For more information on the efforts of the Leaving a Legacy team, visit their Facebook page and read more in the Newcastle Advertiser in weeks to come.

Bruce Douglas

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