Overgrowth claims property in Paradise

Some opportunists have exacerbated the problem through dumping of refuse.

PARADISE – The municipality has continued its silence on certain matters such as overgrowth.

Since as early as March this year, numerous questions raised about overgrowth on residential properties, have gone unanswered.

It remains unclear why no clarity is being given.

The questions posed to the municipality reflect a series of complaints, beginning in the early year with an overgrown property on Henrietta Street.

Also included was a vacant lot on Auriga Street, near the Draper Street crossing.

The third and most recent complaint of this nature concerned an overgrown property on Citron Street in Paradise.

Residents have expressed both disgust and concern with the situation.

The overgrowth of the Citron Street property has opened the proverbial door for others, to transform the plot into a makeshift dumpsite.

This includes building rubble and other debris from construction.

One anonymous resident said the length of the overgrowth was not conducive to safety, and feared criminals and vagrants were afoot.

By Monday, the situation remained the same.

Questions posed to the municipality would have dealt with who the property belonged to, who bore responsibility for its maintenance, when action would be taken, what steps residents could take when grass grew wild, and what repercussions followed for those guilty of dumping.

The municipality also failed to clarify how these matters were policed.

It was also not specified if delays in cutting of these areas was related to the reduced provision for maintenance on the Budget.

Bruce Douglas

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