NAON receives R50 000 donation to open flea market

Management of KZN Slots, with NAON members and Councillor Matthew Shunmugam, officially receive their cheque of R50 000.

The New Age of Newcastle (NAON) held an official ribbon cutting ceremony at its newly erected shelter on Tuesday, May 9.

The shelter was built in November last year after a donation of R50 000 from KZN Slots.

The shelter will be used to hold flea markets to give the community the opportunity to sell products to supplement their income and to alleviate unemployment.

A portion of the sales will go towards NAON’s feeding scheme and overhead costs.

Management of KZN Slots attended the official opening.

“KZN Slots is committed to uplift the community in which other clients have been established,” said Coordinator of KZN Slots, Maganthri Moodley.

Chairperson of NAON, Radhika Maharaj, thanked KZN Slots on behalf on the organisation.

Ward 3 Councillor, Matthew Shunmugam said the decision to donate to NAON would not be regrettable.

“They are a deserving recipient, as the organisation carries out many functions that contribute to the community,” he said.

Cllr Shunmugam also shared the organisation’s successes since its inception in 2012.

Management of KZN Slots enjoyed a scrumptious lunch with NAON members as they became better acquainted.

Management of KZN Slots, with NAON members and Councillor Matthew Shunmugam at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Tersia Gopi

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