Residents burn down grass woes in Lennoxton, Newcastle

By May 2, the overgrowth dried out but remained unkempt.

LENNOXTON – Auriga Street is at the heart of long grass problems in Lennoxton.

At the end of March, residents came forward to the media with complaints regarding an overgrown stretch of land within sight of the Draper Street intersection.

This was duly reported to the municipality, in addition to some inquiries.

No response was received at the time, and a second set of photographs taken at the beginning of May showed no reaction was given to the overgrowth either.

The only difference was the browning of the grass as autumn progressed.

With no clear show of intent from the municipality and residents’ patience wearing thin, the overgrowth was eventually set alight sometime in the last two weeks.

This in itself posed a risk to residents in the vicinity.

Fire season officially begins at the start of June, yet already grass is drying out and can fuel a fire with a single reckless spark.

However, the municipality has offered no insight into this either.

The municipality was asked the following questions through its official Communications Unit – of the emails sent, two were bounced back with messages stating the recipient inbox was full:

Is the land privately owned or does it belong to the municipality?

Who bears responsibility for maintenance of this property?

When will this overgrowth be cut?

What steps can residents take in cases where grass is left to grow wild?

Why has this matter been left unattended for more than a month?These questions are unanswered or even acknowledged to date.

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