Being careful this winter season

Madam – Winter has finally arrived, as the past few days have proven.

However, as we all know, the next few months are not simply about overcast days with drizzle.

One of the most common sights during winter is veld fires.

While it always fascinates me how these fires mysteriously start, with the guilty party nowhere in sight, people need to realise how dangerous fires can be, especially if they are left to run rampant.

As there are a few open stands in between houses in Newcastle, people stand a chance of losing not only their homes but their lives as well if a veld fire goes into someone’s yard during the night.

Lets also not forget about the wildlife that live in the velds, creatures such as rabbits, owls, meerkats and others who often perish in these fires.

I am encouraging people to be careful when discarding their cigarette butts, as the coals could set the dry grass alight faster than you imagine.

Also, I am urging teenagers who find it amusing to see a veld burn, to think before setting some grass alight. Your actions can have far reaching consequences. Not only are you damaging nature, but you are putting people’s lives at danger.

The fire department cannot be expected to chase after veld fires all the time. If an emergency breaks out, imagine the consequences if the fire brigade is unable to report to it because they are trying to stop a veld fire from burning a house down.

Let’s practice some common sense this winter.


Quinton Boucher

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