Celebrating Lord Narasima’s appearance day

Mahasrnga Das, Ratim Krsna Das and Krsna Krpa Das.

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) held a deeply significant religious celebration last Tuesday night, as devotees participated in Narasimha Chaturdashi.

Narasimha Chaturdashi is part of Sri Narasimha Jayanthi, the appearance of day of the Lord Narasima, the half lion half man incarnation of the Supreme Personality Lord Krishna, who appeared to protect his devotee Prahlada from his demonic father, Hiranyakashipu.

This comes after Hiranyakashipu sought Lord Brahman and requested he be made immortal. When Lord Brahman said this was not possible, Hiranyakashipu requested that he could not be killed by any man, animal, god or any other entity, nor by any weapon, neither at day or night, nor on land or in the sky.

Lord Brahman granted this wish. However, the Lord appeared in his half lion and half man form, putting Hiranyakashipu on his lap at twilight, and killed him with his claws, thereby not contradicting the conditions set out by Lord Brahman.

On this day, an abisheka is performed for the Lord using panchamrita, herbal waters, fruit juices and flowers. The Lord is also adorned with beautiful clothes and a garland, and all devotees assemble to chant his holy name and pray to the Lord for their protection from evil.

Adding to the night’s spirituality, His Grace, Ratim Krsna Das led a large part of the service.

Ratim Krisna Das is a spiritual leader from India, who was first introduced to the Hare Krishna movement in 1990.

“I graduated from the University of Durban in 1990 with a Bachelors of Science degree, and it was during my studies I met Hare Krishna devotees, who interested me with their teachings. In 1994, I took to full practice and went to India in 2002, where I have been ever since.”

Looking at the auspicious day, Ratim Krsna Das said it was more than a day of remembrance, as it signified the Lord’s love for all his devotees,

“It is about deep faith and love in the Lord’s protection, how he never lets his devotees down and how he is always there even though it is not in a conventional way that we might suspect,” he said.

As the night’s event catered to guests’ spiritual needs, it left devotees feeling revitalised.

Quinton Boucher

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