Five things NOT to buy your mom this Mothers Day

More than a phone call is needed to spoil you mom this Mother's Day.

Mothers Day is approaching at a rapid pace, and the time has come to get your mom the ideal gift to show just how much she means to you.

However, there are certain things you should never buy your mother for Mothers Day, as you will merely leave your mom questioning why she raised you.

Here are five things not to buy this Mothers Day:

1. A pet of any kind

While your mother might like animals, she spent a large part of her life cleaning up after you. Don’t let her have to clean up after an animal too.

2. Cheap flowers

Your mom taught you how to use a spoon, she deserves more than some flowers you bought on special.

3. No appliances

This means no vacuum cleaners, washing machines or toasters. Just because your mother spent a large part of your childhood years cleaning up after you, this does not mean she enjoys it.

4. A cookbook

There is nothing wrong with your mom’s cooking, as you have survived this long already. The only time you should consider buying a cookbook for your mother is if you have a death wish.

5. A box of sweets

Why not buy your mother a box of sweets? Well, she will be expected to share the gift with the rest of the family. Get your mom something she can enjoy by herself.

Quinton Boucher

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