Municipal Budget roadshow in Fairleigh a success

Thandi Khakie and Prinda Pillay.

FAIRLEIGH – On the third day of the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) Municipal Budget Roadshow, Mayor Makhosini Nkosi addressed residents, ward committee members and Councillors of Wards, 2,3,4,5 and 25 at the Fairleigh Community Hall.

In his speech, Cllr Nkosi mentioned the handover of the housing project in Siyahlala-la informal settlement, as well as the H39 project.

He said this initiative, by the municipality was to eradicate the ‘slums’ in the community by providing houses for the indigent people of Siyahlala-la.

Much controversy surrounded the housing project, as disgruntled Fairleigh residents claimed they were neglected and not considered in the project.

“The project is to the benefit of the community. In other Wards there is little to no development,” said Cllr Nkosi.

Fairleigh residents who have grievances were urged by Cllr Nkosi to engage with their ward committee members and Councillors, as well as consult with his office on the matter.

“Handing only a memorandum over will not solve issues. We need to meet and discuss the problems.”

Cllr Nkosi also encouraged the youth to provide innovative and creative ideas to boost employment opportunities.

“The youth should not be waiting for the municipality to assist them. We want to motivate the youth to think outside the box.”

With reference to prominent companies in Newcastle, Cllr Nkosi said the youth should adapt concepts which prove to be successful, and replicate them to work.

The IDP Roadshow concluded on May 11, at H39 open field.

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