Signboards removed after spelling fail

An image taken from social media shows the sign contained numerous errors.

NEWCASTLE – Hilarity ensued after a post on social media questioned the new signboards in Newcastle.

The signboards were mounted to the steel scaffolds erected on Hardwick and Allen streets recently, and were intended to provide directions for visitors to town.

Instead, the signboards were ridiculed by residents for a number of errors.

The Hardwick Street signboard indicated traffic en route to Memel and Johannesburg could continue along Victoria Drive (with no mention of turning onto Impala Drive), and also featured a misspelling of the name of steel giant, ArcelorMittal.

Residents also mentioned the sign’s lettering was too small to read while on the move.

A flurry of comments and reactions followed, including two responses from Mayor, Makhosini Nkosi commenting the sign would be taken down in the morning.

“This tells you one thing… the person has no clue whatsoever of what he is doing. I doubt if he has ever done this work before.”

While the Allen Street signboard remains, it has been partially concealed and at present offers no use to motorists entering Newcastle from that direction.

One municipal official stated the work had been outsourced.

Attempts to seek comment from relevant officials on the cost implications and repercussions for the contractor proved fruitless.

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