Aletheia Christian College fund-raises through a fun country walk

Chris and Tristan Coates.

Aletheia Christian College is determined to see its learners excel in the All Africa Convention, which takes place in Bloemfontein during October.

On Saturday, the school hosted learners and other Newcastillians in a fun walk and fun run, divided into a 5km and a 10km division.

“This is the third year we have held the country walk and it is held as part of a fund raising initiative for the upcoming convention,” said Marion McKay of Aletheia Christian College.

Ms McKay explained the transport costs alone were approximately R12 000.

“That is without the other costs the parents have to try and cover. In order to minimise the costs for the parents, we hold the country walk.”

At the convention, pupils of Accelerated Christian Education schools from across Africa competed in sports, academics and art.

From there, the learners had the opportunity to represent South Africa at an international level in future competitions.

In 2016, Matthew Ewart went to America to compete in the goal-kicking competition and brought back gold to Newcastle.

With ideal weather conditions, participants on Saturday’s country walk was the ideal time to socialise and enjoy a scenic jog and walk, while raising funds for the upcoming conference.

Ms McKay said the school also used the walk as an educational tool for participants.

At intervals, teachers from the school would wave the participants into the right direction with flags from different countries.

“The name ‘country walk’ was a play on words and at each place where the flags were, people could learn something about that specific country.”

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