Newcastle Highlanders defeat South Coast Warriors

A member of the Boschpick Newcastle Highlanders second team tackles a player from South Coast Warriors.

ARBOR PARK – Boschpick Newcastle Highlanders proved to be a force to be reckoned with, when the first and second team faced the South Coast Warriors on Saturday.

Playing at the Arbor Park Sports Grounds, Highlanders II kicked off the day’s matches and immediately proved to be the dominant team.

Despite South Coast Warriors II’s best efforts, it was squashed by 38 points to three.

While the Highlanders supporters were elated with the win, they waited with bated breath as the two first teams ran onto the field.

Evenly matched, the Highlanders first team did not have it easy on the field.

As the South Coast Warriors met the local team head on, it was a match that really put spectators on the edges of their seats.

However, Highlanders proved to be the stronger team and secured a win of 31 to 29.

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