February floods leave a sinking feeling in St Thomas Street

A sinkhole in Saint Thomas Street has formed after heavy rains and floods early this year.

LENNOXTON – Torrential rains experienced in February resulted in a sinkhole in St Thomas Street, Lennoxton.

Although the hole has been evident for more than two months after the floods, municipal officials claimed it was being attended to by its technical services department.

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Residents of St Thomas Street claimed, although the damaged area was demarcated with danger tape, it was extremely dangerous for pedestrians, especially in the dark.

“To make matters worse, the hole is right in front of the playground and poses a hazard to children who frequent it,” said a resident who opted to remain anonymous.

The hole is about two metres wide and approximately a metre deep.

“Each day it seems as if the hole is getting bigger as more of the earth is caving in. When it first collapsed after the flood, it was not this big,” said the resident.

Exposed water pipes remain unprotected from the elements, and are susceptible to damage and deterioration.

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The municipality undertook to have the hole fixed during the course of the week.

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