TECH TUESDAY: Can we take back our lives from technology?

When the digital world calls, are we able to ignore it?

The convenience of technology is not without its cons.

Thanks to hours of research and design, humanity takes one step forward each day to a fully automated future where cars drive themselves (and we’re already there), body parts are grown anew and food assembles itself onto your plate.

At the same pace, we are losing what makes us human.

The old-school ways of winding down at the end of the day – relaxing with a book, a card game or a walk in the park – have been replaced by digitised clones.

And this constant connection is adding to our overall stress levels.

Instead of leaving work behind at the end of the day, we take the office home through mobile email, smartphones, tablets, laptops and shared drives.

It’s safe to say technology has taken control of many people’s lives.

The modern translation of relaxation time is the time for television, streaming, video games, podcasts, social media and mobile interactions.



What we all need is a simple break from being connected.

Among top advice for disconnecting one’s life from the digital information cascade is to focus on personal interaction with friends and family, turn off the mobile devices for the night and find other interests or pursuits.

Start with a board game or finally finish that art project.

The key is to separate yourself from screens for at least some part of the day, and to start appreciating that the digital demand is not as urgent as we’d like to think.

That Facebook friend request can wait for morning, don’t you worry.

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Opinion by Bruce Douglas

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