TECH TUESDAY: A new view on Google Earth

Once Google Earth loads the world, the journey begins.

Tech giant, Google has rebooted its acclaimed Google Earth program.

Details of the overhauled program, which received a Virtual Reality version in mid-2016, were revealed on April 18 in New York, ahead of Earth Day (April 22).

The new focus of Google Earth is exploration.

Those invited to the sneak peek learned about the Voyager feature – the starting point for journeys of digital exploration and knowledge based on various themes.

Visit Google Earth and click on the ship wheel to begin.

The revived program features video clips, photographs and 3D renderings of locations, plus companion content from organisations including NASA and the Jane Goodall Institute.

Google Earth is no longer outshadowed by its Maps sibling.

Instead, Google has noted its Maps function is about getting a person to a destination, while the new Earth is about helping people get lost in the wonders of the world.

Functionality is key after all.

As an example, Wonders of the Ancient and Modern World transports the user to 16 iconic locations worldwide, providing snippets of information to accompany 3D views of the sites.

Like the search engine, there’s now an ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button too.

And while you’ve come to the end of this article, we’ll keep you interested with a compilation video with some of the weirdest things found on Google Earth.




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