Durnacol resident and animal lover is spreading hope in the wake of loss

Danielle Grunig is using her writing to heal and help animal owners.

DURNACOL – Animal lover, Danielle Grunig is no stranger to loss.

In her lifetime, the Durnacol resident has rescued numerous dogs from abandonment and cares for them as members of her family.

Sadly, not all of the dogs survive.

In the wake of the recent death of rescued dog, Palti, Danielle has launched both a children’s book and a campaign to help others deal with loss and provide the best care for their furry friends.

This reflects the two important aspects of Danielle’s initiative.

“When we can rescue a dog, we do. We sit with large vet bills and I thought ‘why isn’t there someone to help?’, so I decided to become what I had needed. Palti’s death really affected us and I deal with things by writing.”

The book is available in digital format for now.

Danielle explained in her tenure at a local pre-school, she found telling a story helped children understand difficult concepts.

She then put the two aspects together into a single project.

“I began raising funds in March – the Fix A Friend campaign will help pet owners with sterilisation, medicine and food, whatever the need is. I want to help Newcastle help its own people.”

Towards the campaign, Danielle has pledged 50 per cent of sales from Palti Goes to Heaven, which officially launches on April 30.

The book is available on Smashwords and other ebook groups.

“My target audience is dog lovers; people who can understand what it’s like to lose an animal. It’s easy to say you can make a difference but getting it done is harder.”

Danielle explained committing a percentage of her book sales was better than crowd funding or approaching people for donations.

For each three copies sold, she could inoculate one animal.

“It’s sad when you really care about an animal, but just can’t afford to give all the care it needs.”

Danielle believes wholeheartedly in vaccinating, inoculating and sterilising pets, stating it prevented illnesses and painful deaths.

Animal overpopulation is a very real threat, she added.

“Not sterilising an animal is perpetuating the problem. Male dogs get injured chasing females on heat, and sterilising and vaccinating can prevent certain canine cancers.”

Danielle invited residents to visit her Facebook page – Fix A Friend – or to contact her directly by email ([email protected]) or telephonically (078 718 3799).

“I would like to get a group together and I have plans in the pipeline, so people are welcome to get involved and pitch their ideas too.”

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