Missing husky puppies finally found

Jacques Wolmarans hands the reward money to Hendrè de Meyer.

SIGNAL HILL – The sound of pitter-patter footsteps fill the home of Jacques and Yolandi Wolmarans, after their three husky puppies were found and returned safely on the morning of Saturday, April 15.

Mr Wolmarans was contacted by 12-year-old Hendrè de Meyer, informing him of the whereabouts of the puppies.

Hendrè took Mr Wolmarans to the puppies to identify them.

“I cannot explain the joy I felt. We never expected to see them again, but finding them has brought so much joy,” said Mr Wolmarans.

Hendrè’s father, Henning de Meyer said, while driving home from a trip to the mall, Hendrè noticed a puppy that resembled one of the stolen puppies and asked his dad to investigate.

“My son said he had read a story in last week’s edition of the Newcastle Advertiser about the puppies, and wanted to see whether or not it was the same puppy. We parked our vehicle at home and proceeded to the house where we saw two of the puppies. My son phoned Mr Wolmarans and requested him to come and see if they were in fact his puppies. We asked the owner of the home where he got the puppies from, and he said he had bought them from someone else. We were also then informed the third puppy was bought by another neighbour who resided in the same street,” said Mr de Meyer.

Mr Wolmarans thanked Hendrè for his help in the safe return of the puppies and gave him a R1 000 reward as a token of appreciation.

Mr de Meyer was impressed that his son read the newspaper, and was proud of what his son had done.

Handrè saved his reward money and was planning on spending it wisely.

The suspect who allegedly stole the dogs has not been apprehended yet, but investigations will commence soon.

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