TECH TUESDAY: Five gaming YouTubers you should subscribe to

Video sharing site, YouTube boasts countless great channels.

Have you ever considered just how many game titles are released each year?

Given the vast array of topics, genres, styles and themes, it’s unlikely a person will play every single game they want to in their lifetime.

That’s the basis for the appeal of gaming YouTubers.

While finances and time constraints might prohibit one from experiencing all the titles on all the consoles, here are some worthwhile channels:


Don’t let the name fool you – the UK-based Oxbox team has plenty to offer all manner of gaming enthusiasts, from title and tech reveals, discussions, must-watch listicles (277 and counting!) and engaging let’s plays.

Mike Bettencourt

A rare breakaway from the usual hyperactive, shrieking YouTubers, Mike Bettencourt is like a voice of reason in the walkthrough gaming sphere. An avid fan of the Resident Evil series, Mike’s videos are full of tips and tricks for achievement hunters.


Full of energy and a font of gaming lore, Chuggaaconroy is a one-stop for let’s play videos for titles such as Legend of Zelda, Mario, Sonic, Pokemon.

Foxy Areku

This American YouTuber has published numerous walkthroughs and guides for, among others, the Final Fantasy series, Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising and numerous Resident Evil titles. His style has made gaming a little easier for his subscribers.


Rounding off this list is diverse channel, centered on the Tomb Raider franchise but also featuring walkthroughs for Outlast, Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, L.A. Noire, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and more.


There are so many YouTube channels out there, this doesn’t even begin to cover it. Which channels have you subscribed to? Make sure to check out the Newcastle Advertiser’s YouTube channel for awesome videos.

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