Newcastle, a community of love

Madam – It was heartwarming reading about how the community rallied together to ensure Nicholas Kasim had the birthday he deserved.

As a mother, I understand how Ms Kasim’s love for her child lead her to ask for help via social media. But it is not everyday, that help comes so quickly.

To all those who helped, a big thumbs up goes to out to you.

But it seems Newcastle’s kindness has not only been limited to Nicholas.

I have been amazed to see via social media and the Newcastle Advertiser, how people have rushed to baby Hope’s aid. Where so many babies die after being abandoned, little Hope’s survival has truly pulled on several heartstrings.

I am glad to be a part of a community, where even an abandoned baby is cared for.

I also wish to commend the Newcastle Advertiser for its part in the baby’s survival, as the journalist in charge of the story really went out of her way to ensure the baby’s plight was heard.

Proud Newcastillian

Quinton Boucher

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