Lets not forget the true meaning of Easter

Madam – Easter has finally arrived and I am rather saddened to see how people are rushing to stores to purchase Easter eggs and other sweets.

For me, this commercialised version is not what Easter is all about. Easter is about Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, his crucifixion and resurrection. His desire to save mankind from the selfishness that often consumes us.

While I am not the most religious person, I believe that we as people need to follow Jesus’ example during this time and go out of our way to help people and lead better lives.

Let us leave the materialistic side of Easter alone and focus on what is truly important. Lets also teach our children that service to mankind is more important than chasing some fabled bunny that brings sweets and chocolates.

I feel that through remembering the sacrifices made by Jesus and other great religious people of the past, we can make a difference to the world.

So, lets get in touch with our compassionate sides and work as one this Easter.

More human than human

Quinton Boucher

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